Do you have a Remy? Why you need to have this versatile laser in your practice!

Dr. Zuckerman and I discuss this incredible technology.

Show Notes

Why You Must Put REMY in Your Place

03:47 How Dr. Zuckerman got involved in laser technology

08:17 Development of the REMY

08:54 Laser Physics and Physiology and Wavelengths

10:00 Effects of Different Wavelengths

11:16 How much energy is enough?

12:27 Use of the REMY in Plantar Fasciitis, Laser effect of depolarization on peripheral nerve

18:07 Use of REMY in post-operative care

19:36 Analogy of Diabetic Foot Ulceration

20:45 Regenerative therapy with peptides for Plantar Fasciopathy

22:46 Versatility of the REMY laser

27:33 Spot size and Power Density

28:14 Different Classes of Lasers

36:23 Treatment of post-operative wounds

38:11 Fibroblastic upregulation with laser?

40:00 Dr. Barrett discusses the Phoenix Sign and how the REMY increases vascularity with

40:34 Discussion of different types of neuropathy

42:50 Global appreciation of peripheral neuropathy

47:50 Treatment of depression with lasers

50:15 Treatment of fungal nails

1:00:29 Where did the word Symposium come from and what does it mean?

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