Relax Release Relief – Dr. Ed Glaser

Get the digital book here! If you want to learn more about this incredible technique listen to my podcast interview with Dr. Ed Glaser S2 Ep. 24

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  • Course 1: Feet to Low Back. October 4-5th and November 11-12th, 2023
  • Course 2: Upper Body October 28-29th and November 18-19th, 2023

CéVant Cellars: The Genius of Wine

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The PopSole has some really unique features:

  • easily transferable between shoe gear
  • versatility: use bubbles up to enjoy walking on air and neurosensory massaging feel of bubbles
  • flip and reverse for smooth side against feet and enjoy buoyancy of bubbles
  • the patient can further modify them if needed
  • discreet design: use in sensible shoe gear with removable insoles

I have tried these great little devices myself and can tell you that they really work—and it is so simple to get them ready for yourself or your patients. – Dr. Barrett

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Zuckerman Future Technologies: THE REMY LASER

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Micro-Pulse (S1 Ep19 and 20)
PEMF: Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields

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Auro Wellness Glutaryl (S1 Ep 4)

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Parasol Nutrition (S1 Ep 18)

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TruDiagnostic S2 Ep 7

The TruAge Complete Collection offers their entire suite of epigenetic aging reports and aging algorithms to give you a more comprehensive picture of biological aging. Find out your true biological age!!!

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BHRT Training Academy
(S2 Ep 10)

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Learn: all dosing forms (creams, patches, pills, pellets), male and female hormone balance and replacement, thyroid, adrenal, and insulin optimization and supplement protocols.

Includes: practice set up resources, tools, templates, patient education materials, consents, and more!

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BHRT Training

Approved Medical Solutions
(S2 Ep 11)

Your source for Oxalate free Nitric Oxide Supplementation

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Plasmalogens (S2 Ep 13 & 14)

Why do you need plasmalogens?

  • Plasmalogens are essential molecules for the cells in our bodies.
  • These cells have vital roles in the brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, and eyes.
  • As we increase in age, these cells decrease in quantity.
  • Studies have shown that the decrease in these molecules may be related to the symptoms of brain diseases.
  • Plasmalogens are naturally inside us, so you can rest assured by supplementing plasmalogens.

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prodrome sciences

Alpinion Medical Systems

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