Hey Spelunkers!  Find out how to Start Expressing Your Genes with Bio-regulatory Peptides on this week’s episode where I have a great conversation with Nathalie Niddam the host of the Biohacking Superhuman Performance podcast. I’m sure you will be jumping on this technology to improve your health and longevity.

And…Thanks for all your support and very positive feedback!!!

Show Notes

Nathalie Niddam

02:38 History of Bioregulatory Peptides

05:35 What is a Peptide?

What is a Peptide

08:39 Physiology of Bio-regulatory Peptides

11:09 Peptides and Cancer—Contraindicated?

21:28 Other Clinical Considerations

25:37 Health span versus Lifespan

30:54 Ethanol—not a Great Molecule for Human Physiology

32:07 Telomeres and DNA Methylation to determine biological age.

40:09 BPC-157 for Tendinopathy

46:06 Oral bioavailability of BPC-157

53:45 Administration and dosage of Bio-regulatory Peptides

58:08 Is Big Pharma starting to look at Peptides?

58:26 Ozempic

1:04:13 Set Points in the Brain

1:12:15 Thymosin Beta IV—The Anti Scarring Peptide

1:15:06 How to get in Touch with Nathalie Niddam