Happy Holidays Spelunkers. This week’s episode is a really cool case study of a very unusual Sural Nerve entrapment. It first seemed like a tendinosis of the Peroneus Brevis Tendon at the 5th metatarsal base insertion but no…it was all nerve. Join us for this empowering illustration of peripheral nerve entrapment.

Show Notes

Dr. Nagra 03:11

Introduction of the case study.

04:00 Not the Natural Clinical Assumption

05:14 Ultrasound Guided Infiltration of BPC-157

Dr. Barrett 06:20 When the BPC-157 Fails???

07:50 “Just Open it Up”

Dr. Barrett 10:03 Adhered Sural Nerve

Dr. Barrett 12:50 Discussion of Peripheral Nerve Surgical Techniques

Dr. Nagra 19:01 The Power of Diagnostic Peripheral Nerve Blocks

27:44 Sural Nerve Innervation to the Sinus Tarsi

Dr. Barrett 28:12 Our published a paper on chronic sinus tarsi syndrome.

Dr. Barrett 30:52 Final Outcome

Nick Maffuli, M.D.