In this week’s conversation I have with Dr. Kent DiNucci, we discuss restless leg syndrome and how he struggled with the condition himself. I think you will find this very interesting from the perspective of the surgeon has had the surgery. Join us for some great insight into Restless Leg Syndrome and nerve decompression surgery.

Show Notes

Are You Suffering from "Jimmy Legs?" Is Restless Legs Syndrome Caused by Nerve Entrapment?

Dr. Barrett and Dr. DiNucci 02:19 We discuss his personal journey with Restless Leg Syndrome

Dr. Barrett 04:35 Willis Ekbom disease and Willis I guess describe this back in 1685. (Mistakenly, I said 1865 in the conversation)

Dr. DiNucci 05:06 More of his story!

Drs. Barrett and DiNucci 09:45 Discuss the importance of sleep

Dr. Barrett 11:07 Discussion of Dr. Jim Anderson’s Research

Dr. Anderson’s Seminal Paper on Restless Leg Syndrome and Nerve Decompression

Dr. DiNucci 14:35 Discusses other causes of Restless Leg Syndrome

Drs. Barrett and DiNucci 5:20 Tibial Nerve Entrapment at the Soleal Sling

Dr. Eric Williams paper on Soleal Sling Tibial Nerve Decompression Surgery and MR Neurography

Dr. Barrett 16:16 Other sites of Nerve Compression

Dr. DiNucci 18:04 Migraines and Familial Traits

Drs. Barrett and DiNucci 20:20 Discuss his Surgical history

medication worked better, to the point where they wanted to try to wean down. But once they got to one milligram, if they went off of the medicine, they were having severe rebound.

Dr. Barrett 27:25 Medications


Stephen Barrett 28:10

here that see a lot of this for let me rephrase that. There’s a lot of practitioners listening to the podcast who have Restless Leg patients coming in whether they realize it or not just from the the numbers that we’ve already talked about. So let’s say let’s How do you work up a patient with Restless leg and give me kind of what your your diagnostic routine is, as well as how you go about treating these folks?

Dr. DiNucci 31:05 How to diagnose the condition

Drs. Barrett and DiNucci 31:53 Subclinical Nerve Entrapment

Dr. DiNucci 34:12 The Force Meter

Dr. Barrett 36:13 Discussion of Diagnostic Nerve Blocks

The Phoenix Sign

Dr. Barrett 42:35 Neurosensory Testing with PSSD

Dr. Barrett 46:52 Masked Nerve Entrapments

Dr. Barrett 48:13 Successful Peripheral Nerve Surgery Decompression and Creation of New Pain

Dr. Barrett 48:45 Charcot Neuroarthropathy

Dr. Barrett 50:30 Charcot Marie Tooth Disease and Chemotherapeutic Induced Neuropathy

Contact Dr. DiNucci 57:57


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