Even if you don’t have a magnetic personality I will venture to say that you will be attracted to this week’s episode where I sit down with Robert Dennis, PhD. Dr. Dennis is a former NASA scientist who was brought on and was a skeptic of PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) technology but upon seeing the real data in his lab, he flipped over from skeptic side to advocate. His company Micropulse manufactures very affordable technology. Please join us for this “magnetic” conversation.

Show Notes

Robert Dennis, PhD – Scientist, engineer, and inventor, and a tenured associate professor at UNC Chapel Hill

Dr. Dennis 03:29 Discusses his background as a Scientist

Dr. Dennis 04:38 His Skeptical Beginning with PEMF

Dr. Dennis 05:00 The Scientific Literature

Dr. Dennis 05:45 NASA Experiments with PEMF

Dr. Dennis 06:33 PEMF Effects on Cellular Growth

Dr. Dennis 10:00 PEMF and the FDA

Dr. Barrett 15:40 Trans Cranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) and PEMF

Dr. Dennis 17:34 Faraday Induction

Dr. Dennis 18:25 Magnetic Fields and ICES

Dr. Dennis 20:04 Inductive Coupling

Dr. Barrett 23:15 Starting with TMS

Dr. Dennis 23:30 Through the Skin and Bone

Dr. Barrett 24:23 Discusses his Personal Experience with PEMF.

Dr. Barrett and Dr. Dennis 27:03 Discuss Contraindications of PEMF and Metal Implants

Dr. Dennis 33:57 Streaming Curves

Dr. Dennis 38:18 Ion Movement and Electric and Magnetic Fields

Dr. Barrett 40:10 Functional MRI’s after TMS

Micro-Pulse (S1 Ep19 and 20)
PEMF: Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields

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