In this week’s episode I finish a great conversation with Robert Dennis, Ph.D. If for some reason you missed the chat last week, you might want to go back and catch it so that you can get up to speed with this really great technology. It’s Magnetic!!!

Show Notes

Robert Dennis, PhD – Scientist, engineer, and inventor, and a tenured associate professor at UNC Chapel Hill

Dr. Barrett 00:00 The Weird Plasma Feeling and Chronic Pain

Dr. Dennis 04:06 Chronic Pain Statistics

Dr. Barrett 04:43 The Push Back on Opioids and Use in Drop Foot Cases

Dr. Dennis 06:05 NASA, DARPA, and Pain

Dr. Barrett and Dr. Dennis 14:10 Pain Scales and How They are Useless

Dr. Barrett 16:36 Clinical Metrics

Dr. Dennis 17:57 Formation of the Magnetic Fields

Dr. Dennis 21:01 Helmholtz Coil

Dr. Barrett 21:10 Wikipedia link

Dr. Dennis 32:35 Expense of PEMF Devices

Dr. Barrett 35:13 Micropulse

Dr. Barrett and Dr. Dennis 36:03 Habituation

Dr. Barrett 39:01 Post-Operative Management

Dr. Dennis 39:17 PEMF effect on Inflammation

Dr. Dennis 40:57 The Physiologic Mechanism of PEMF

Dr. Barrett 43:15 Post-operative use of short acting corticosteroids

Dr. Dennis and Dr. Barrett 50:15 Not the Magic Pill

Dr. Barrett and Dr. Dennis 54:04 The Grumpy Scientists

Dr. Dennis 55:41 How you can get started with PEMF technology

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Micro-Pulse (S1 Ep19 and 20)
PEMF: Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields

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