Want to give someone a life-changing gift while at the same time supercharging your diagnostic acumen? If that sounds like a great idea, then listen to this week’s episode.  This definitive diagnostic block removes any guess work about what is causing a patient’s drop foot. Put the Phoenix Sign to work.

Show Notes

phoenix sign

Dr. Barrett 02:47 What is the Phoenix Sign?

It is so much more than a local anesthetic block!!! Watch the video below!

Dr. Barrett 03:39 An Incredibly Powerful Diagnostic Tool

Upton and McComas

Dr. Barrett 06:18 Can Determine the True Site of Nerve Compression.  Serendipity?

So, we first observed this phenomenon in 2017.

Dr. Barrett 12:05 Vasodilation and Local Anesthetic Agents.  Cocaine?

Dr. Barrett 19:06 Vascularity and Nerve Entrapment

Dr. Barrett 29:17 Open Journal of Orthopedics Paper

Dr. Barrett 32:03 Restless Leg Syndrome and Dr. Jim Anderson

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