Spelunkers! You do NOT want to miss this one. If you have a heart you probably want to protect it. Dr. Bill Harris is the Dude when it comes to all things Omega 3 and Omega 6. There is so much usable information in this conversation that I hope you get to listen. It will do your Heart good!!!

Show Notes

What is the Omega 3 Index - Do you know your number?

Dr. William Harris is an internationally recognized expert on omega three fatty acids and how they can benefit patients with heart disease. He obtained his PhD in human nutrition from the University of Minnesota, and then did postdoctoral fellowships in clinical nutrition and lipid metabolism with Dr. Bill Connor at the Oregon Health Sciences University, Dr. Harris has published more than 300 papers from his research of omega three fatty acids and co-invented the Omega-3 index in 2004. Dr. Harris is also a professor in the Department of Medicine in the Sanford School of Medicine at the University of South Dakota.

02:16 Dr. Harris’ path to fatty acid research.

04:07 What is making the cholesterol move? What about Fish Oil? Dr. Harris’ research project.

05:00 The 2nd Plasma Lipid–Triglycerides

06:08 Dyerberg and Bang High Omega Fatty Acids in the Eskimo Diet

06:48 Is there a good and bad Omega Fatty Acid? Omega-3 versus Omega-6

07:24 Omega Fatty Acid Constituency and Physiology

08:58 Saturated, Mono, and Poly Unsaturated Fats. Oleic Acid

09:21 We can make oleic acid from sugar– it’s not an essential fatty acid

09:29 Linoleic Acid

10:30 The Omega-6 Structure

11:15 ALA is an essential We cannot make it!

14:13 Linoleic acid decreases cardiovascular disease—what?

14:37 Dr. Harris: “to pin, a change in cardiovascular disease on an Omega six rise is I think irresponsible.”

15:10 Observational studies of 40-50,000 people show that higher levels of linoleic acid are actually cardioprotective? Dr. Harris: “So that is directly contradictory to the idea that having more omega six is bad, having less Omega six is bad. From that, from those kinds of studies, plus there been experimental studies and animals and humans showing linoleic acid does not increase inflammatory biomarkers, it does not increase arachidonic acid levels.”

16:30 There is so much WRONG with ratios

16:44 Why Vilify the Omega-6

17:18 Omega Terminology

17:36 Why is there so much anger toward linoleic acid?

18:20 Pro or anti-inflammatory nature of Linoleic acid

20:00 What about seed oils?

21:30 Look at the ingredients in the food you are purchasing!

21:48 What is the Demon? To kill the demon all you have to do is get the Omega-3 level up?

23:16 What about absolute cholesterol levels and cardiovascular disease?

23:50 What do the Omegas do to the cholesterol level? Omega six will lower your LDL!

25:00 Studies in Japan

26:26 The Complex Nature of HDL

26:57 Oxidized LDL

28:12 Are cholesterol levels related to neurocognitive disease?

28:26 What about Statins? Omega-3 levels and cardioprotection

31:22 The Two Deaths of Alzheimer’s Disease

32:56 Not a One Trick Pony

33:24 The Omega-3 Index Calculator

36:30 The tests Omega Quant Performs

37:51 What’s the Best Range?

Good, a good Omega three index is up over 8%, eight to 12%. Approximately, that’s sort of where

39:21 Omega-3 Supplementation—What to Look For

42:57 Omega-3 Sources

46:14 In Office Testing for Your Practice

47:34 Parasol Nutrition

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