On this episode I have Dr. Adam Starr an orthopedic hand surgeon, discussing how to reverse the symptoms of diabetes (both type I and II) with physiologic insulin re-sensitization. This is fascinating technology that needs to be implemented much more in the mainstream. I personally have seen the clinical results with this technology—and it is really extraordinary. I was a skeptic at first though.

Show Notes

Physiologic Insulin Resensitization: Changing the Whole Paradigm of Diabetes Management

Adam M. Starr, M.D.
Board certified, fellowship trained Orthopedic Hand Surgeon

Dr. Starr 02:34 Dr. Starr discusses Upper Extremity Loss from Type 2 Diabetes and his Journey to Insulin Infusion Technology

Dr. Barrett 04:57 Mortality Associated with Lower Extremity Amputation

Dr. Barrett 07:19 A Devastating Disease

Dr. Starr and Dr. Barrett 07:44 Skeptics at First!!!

Dr. Starr 08:38 100th Anniversary of the Discovery of Insulin

Banting and Best

Dr. Barrett 09:20 Sorting out the Acronyms

Dr. Barrett 10:38 The Mechanics of Insulin Secretion

Dr. Starr 11:45 The Physiology of Pulsed Insulin

Physiology of Pulsed Insulin

Dr. Barrett 12:37 Re-sensitizing the Human to Insulin

Dr. Starr 13:32 Discusses Findings in Type I Diabetes and C peptide levels

Dr. Starr 16:02 His Personal Infusion History

Dr. Barrett 17:27 Talks about His Treatments with Pulsatile Insulin

Dr. Barrett 18:32 Cognitive Improvement in Patients

Dr. Starr 19:56 Discusses the Protocols at his Center

Dr. Barrett 22:31 Talks About His Findings in Neuropathic Patients

Dr. Starr 22:44 Understanding Peripheral Neuropathy In Diabetic Patients

Dr. Barrett 23:14 Dr. Dellon’s Decompression Surgery

Dr. Starr 25:26 What Tissues Seem Most Responsive to Insulin Infusions

Dr. Starr 29:22 Discussion of Biomarkers

Dr. Starr 31:58 One Year Anniversary of His Infusion Center

Dr. Starr 32:25 Discussion about the acceptance from other specialties

Dr. Starr 34:36 Some Big Victories

Dr. Barrett 39:01 Metrics that can be followed

Dr. Barrett 41:31 Patients Still Must Do Work

Dr. Barrett 44:04 CGM’s and Alzheimer’s Disease

Dr. Starr 48:49 Can This Help with Parkinson’s Disease?

Dr. Starr 50:13 How You Can Find Him

Dr. Starr 51:40 Keeping an Open Mind

Dr. Starr 53:06 FDA Reclassified Insulin as a Biologic