Are you still stuck in the ICE AGE? Maybe it’s time to look into the RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) paradigm – and shift it. My interview this week with Gary Reinl, author of the book: “ICED! The Illusionary Treatment Option”. This is a fascinating conversation as it speaks to this questionable protocol that is ubiquitously adopted by everyone from surgeons to soccer moms. Check it out, and if it bruises your psyche you can always put a little ice on it – NOT!

Books by Gary Reinl: S1 Ep 21

Show Notes

EP021 POD of Inquiry - Podcast for Podiatrist -Gary Reinl

02:18 How Gary got to this very interesting position in sports medicine

03:17 His early history and journey in athletics

He opened the seventh nautilus gym in the world 1973.

03:43 Gary talks about his love of running

05:22 The RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) Paradigm

Dr. Gabe Mirkin’s original book

06:19 Cold and its Negative Effects

08:21 Do You Want to Compress the Tissue?

10:04 How do You Tell Everyone that They are Wrong?

11:02 The Icing Inflection Point

12:23 Ice for Pain Control

13:05 The Ripped Off Arm that Started it All

17:40 Soccer Moms and the Sacrament of RICE

19:17 RICE is wrong, and has been for 40 Years?  What does the literature say?

20:37 Repair and Remodeling Phases

21:08 Ice Contributes to Further Tissue Injury


Over a million people have heard my anti race message. In fact, this past year in Philadelphia, at the National Athletic Trainers Association meeting in Philly, and Philadelphia,

22:19 Dr. Tom Kaminski from the University of Delaware

24:21 Gary’s Work with Professional Sports Teams

24:50 What is RICE doing for the Post-operative Phase for the Patient?

25:59 Active Muscle Recovery

29:28 Tissue Physiology

30:00 Muscle and Myostatin

36:10 His Conversation with an NHL Trainer

37:17 Recovery Techniques

38:14 Is Swelling a Good or Bad Thing?

42:36 Muscle Activation and Swelling

47:35 Making Noise


And they both looked at me like why? I said, Well, you just said that’s not working, stop doing that.


It’s gonna be pretty simple. Don’t do that. That doesn’t work. Right. And then I hooked them up with our electric stimulation device and gotten properly position. And he felt really good and said I kind of liked this. Well, as it turns out. Later, that player lasted an additional four or five years in Major League Baseball. And that spread through the league, to his roommate, to the roommates, the friend on the team, to another team. And now all 30 Major League Baseball teams use my technology. And I believe at this point, it would be very reasonable for me to say that half the teams don’t start pitchers anymore.

49:31 Clayton Kershaw

50:48 Dr. Gabe Mirkin and his Change of Heart Regarding the RICE protocol


And I like your at the end of the book, you said, we need to change the rice acronym to the Rita acronym. Tell tell the folks what are Rita stands for? Because I think it’s I think it’s great to think about these things. You know, if we can shift the acronym, sometimes we can shift the perception. Well, I’ll tell you how that happened. I was talking on the phone with a reporter from the Toronto Star. And again, the article was on my website, so you can actually see it. I was on the front page of the Toronto Star.

53:27 RITA (Recovery is THE ANSWER)


Don’t Don’t misunderstand me when I say that it’s decongested that you’ve begun the rebuilding the related vascular network, that’s not healed.

1:02:03 NHL, NBA, MLB, NFL

1:07:36 How to Contact Gary

1:14:13 Gary Reinl’s Rebuttal