Greetings spelunkers. This episode is a continuation of my conversation started last week with Dr. Andy Rader. We get into his near escape from the Diabetes Cabal—fascinating and titillating stuff for all. Get down in the cavern with us…and learn.

Dr. Rader 03:05 Prevention of Charcot

Dr. Rader 03:57 Discusses the use of bisphosphonates in Charcot

Dr. Rader 06:06 We have this thing in our area called alcoholism

Dr. Rader 06:33 The 5.07 monofilament

Dr. Rader 08:21 Put the Eichenholtz Classification in the trash!

Dr. Barrett 08:47 What about thermography?

Dr. Rader 08:50 Does not have a thermographic camera but has envy

Dr. Rader 09:08 Discusses the monitoring and clinical management of Charcot treatment

Dr. Rader 11:28 Fill the bone!!!

Dr. Rader 14:09 Expresses his love for Dr. Ruter

Dr. Barrett 14:13 Gathering clinical data

Dr. Rader 15:58 back to treatment paradigm

Dr. Rader 18:59 Ex fix rigid reconstruction

Dr. Barrett 22:03 What about the pseudo shaped cowbell you invented?

Dr. Rader 22:11 Discusses Total Midfoot Replacement

Dr. Rader 25:23 What goes into the implant?

Dr. Rader 25:58 The surgical technique

Dr. Rader 30:45

Dr. Rader 31:13

Dr. Barrett 33:56 Is there any role for peripheral nerve decompression in Charcot?

Dr. Barrett 38:44 What about the “stocking and glove” distribution of DPN.

Dr. Rader 39:07 “stocking and glove” distribution of DPN is a LIE!!!

Dr. Rader 39:18 clinical findings from his trans metatarsal amputation case and the Diabetes Cabal

Dr. Rader 50:34 How he was censored

Dr. Barrett 51:49 Some Nerve—Hope for patients with Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

Dr. Rader 52:01 How to catch flies?

Dr. Rader 53:48 Discusses his future professional plans