In this episode, Dr. Paolo Ronconi discusses his experience with decompression 1st metatarsal osteotomies as a treatment for chronic hallux limitus/rigidus and other foot deformities. He explains how the procedure works to reduce bone pressure in the area and improve foot mechanics while also providing relief from pain associated with these conditions. The discussion covers preoperative preparation and post-operative care, along with potential complications that can occur during surgery. With an understanding of what his osteotomy is and how it works, you can decide if it’s right for your patient’s condition. It is a powerful tool that I have been performing since 1996. Please join us in this conversation.

Essentials of Diagnostic Ultrasound

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Show Notes

Paolo Ronconi, M.D.

Professor of Orthopedic Surgery Rome Italy

Dr. Ronconi 03:38 Introduces himself and discusses his journey

Dr. Ronconi 14:10 Trigonometry of 1st Metatarsal Osteotomy

Dr. Barrett 19:02 What about Equinus?

Dr. Barrett 23:04 Hallux limitus causing lateral metatarsalgia

Dr. Barrett 24:58 Discusses Dr. Ronconi’s previous life as a mathematician

Dr. Ronconi 25:37 Explains his mathematical findings

Dr. Barrett 30:21 Discusses his experience with his osteotomy