Our guest this week is Dr. Patrick Qualtire, a podiatric surgeon specializing in reconstructive minimally invasive surgery of the lower extremities. We will discuss his experience performing various types of minimally invasive hallux valgus correction surgeries, as well as the benefits they can offer patients over traditional open procedures. Join us to learn more about how these procedures can be implemented in your practice!

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Show Notes

Dr. Barrett 01:52 Introduction of Dr. Qualtire and discussion of the history of minimally invasive foot and ankle surgery

Dr. Qualtire 04:49 His journey into minimally invasive surgery

Dr. Qualtire 07:49 Patients do not have x-ray eyes

Dr. Barrett 10:04 Discusses his early exposure to MIS

Dr. Qualtire 14:48 Nuances of the MIS surgical techniques

Dr. Qualtire and Dr. Barrett 15:24 Discuss some of the push back against MIS

It’s not easy surgery, it’s very difficult. It’s technically precise.

Dr. Barrett 18:29 Discussion of IM angles

Dr. Qualtire 19:33 Discussion of hypermobile 1st rays

Dr. Qualtire 23:31 Discusses sesamoid position

Dr. Barrett 24:15 Talks about osteotomy orientation

Dr. Qualtire 24:44 Delineates his experience and criteria with overall HAV correction

Dr. Barrett 26:44 Talks about his experience in Spain with one of the legends—Mariano De Prado, M.D.

Dr. Qualtire 27:51 The Aiken Osteotomy

Dr. Qualtire and Dr. Barrett 28:33 Not all bunions are the same!

by the time somebody gets to me with a bunion deformity and not all Bunions are the same, right? We know that.

Dr. Qualtire 31:13 It’s not just academic

Dr. Qualtire 32:19 We are not treating x-rays—we are treating patients

Dr. Qualtire 35:51 What about the lateral release?

Dr. Barrett 38:03 Wolff’s law and the osteocyte jumping distance

Dr. Barrett 39:40 BPC-157

Dr. Qualtire 42:22 Talks about the post-op

Dr. Qualtire 55:43 Monster corrections with MIS

Dr.Barrett and Dr. Qualtire  1:00:41 What about tourniquets?

Dr. Qualtire 1:06:37 Initial concerns about MIS

Dr. Barrett 1:11:16 Avascular Necrosis?

Dr. Barrett 1:15:15 What’s the greater enemy of good? Perfect, better? Yeah, perfect.

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