This episode is all about hydrodissection. We talk about everything you need to know (almost everything) anyway to get implementing this powerful technique for your patients with nerve entrapment. We also share a couple of case studies. I hope you have fun listening to this informative chat. Keep spelunking.

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Show Notes

Dr. Barrett  02:33 What is Hydrodissection?

Dr. Barrett  03:32 What can you use for a fluid?

Dr. Nagra 04:04 Discusses mechanisms of action of hydrodissections on the nerve.

Dr. Barrett  05:33 The Bennett animal model of nerve compression.

Dr. Nagra 07:51 Effect on lymphatic drainage.

Dr. Barrett  08:43 What predisoposes nerves to compression

Dr. Nagra 0:35 Explains the effects of D5W on peripheral nerve

Dr. Barrett  11:41 How much do you infiltrate?

Dr. Barrett and Dr. Nagra 12:34 Discuss clinical experiences

Dr. Barrett  15:48 Why perform hydrodissections before surgery?

Dr. Nagra 18:05 Patient selection

Dr. Barrett  19:11 Discusses technique and Safety

Dr. Nagra 24:23 Presents a clinical case

Dr. Barrett  27:54 Feedback from the visualization on ultrasound

Dr. Barrett  29:37 In plane versus out of plane techniques of infiltration

Dr. Nagra 32:16 Another great case study

Dr. Barrett  39:58 How many rounds of hydrodissections can you or should you do?

Dr. Barrett  46:06 What about hydrodissections for Morton’s Entrapment?