I am excited to announce that we have Micah Lowe from Simply O3 joining us as our guest on this week’s Pod of Inquiry. Micah is an expert in ozone and will be discussing how it works, why it’s important, and the ways it can help protect your health. He’ll also talk about what sets Simply O3 apart from other companies that produce ozone products. It promises to be an informative and engaging conversation! We look forward to having you join us!

Essentials of Diagnostic Ultrasound

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Show Notes

My brother developed a rare brain cancer and became a guinea pig for the medical institutions. It left him without the same critical thinking processes he once had. So, we researched alternatives in hopes of finding something to help.

In the middle of nursing school, I came across ozone therapy.  I was hooked.  How could something work with gangrene, infertility, strokes, and Lyme disease?  It really messed with my head at the time but I quickly became an enthusiast and advocate.

But I noticed a big problem.  The research was there, but it was disorganized and all over the place.  It was near impossible for the average person to parse out. And I was fascinated with the research and potential.

And so, I took it upon myself to become a journalist on behalf of ozone therapy. My work has rippled into 10,000 more doctors practicing with ozone therapy and hundreds of thousands of patients receiving ozone treatments.

Now I own Simply O3, an ozone equipment company and work to educate and get the word out on ozone.  My mission in life is to reduce suffering in the world.

Micah Lowe 02:34 Micah describes how he got into Ozone and Ozone education

Dr. Barrett 07:41 Why isn’t ozone therapy more available in the US?

Micah Lowe 08:18 Shares his story about his brother Matt and the fight against brain cancer

Dr. Barrett 10:41 Ozone Fear Factor

Micah Lowe 11:07 Ozone is NOT dangerous!

Dr. Barrett 14:51 Discusses his experience with using Ozone

Micah Lowe 15:38 Herxheimer Reactions

Dr. Barrett 17:08 Rectal Insufflation

Micah Lowe 17:51 What happens with Ozone in the lower GI tract

Dr. Barrett 19:47 Talks about the physiology of Ozone when its used biologically

Micah Lowe 20:44 Topical use

Dr. Barrett 22:54 Analgesic properties of Ozone therapy

Dr. Barrett 24:39 Discusses more clinical experiences

Micah Lowe 26:59 Ozone’s interplay with inflammation

Micah Lowe 28:16 Is Ozone intelligent?

Dr. Barrett 30:15 Can Ozone be used in all disease?

Micah Lowe 31:32 Discusses Ozone as an adjuvant to cancer treatment

Micah Lowe 33:03 Ozone and the FDA

Micah Lowe 35:46 Types of training he offers

Micah Lowe 44:38 Discusses cold therapy

Stephen Barrett 47:13 Cold therapy--a lot of people are really swearing by it rather than swearing at it

Micah Lowe 47:55 How to contact him.