Are you curious about direct pay medical care and how it could potentially revolutionize your practice and life? Join us this week on the Pod of Inquiry as we explore this topic in-depth with our special guest, Dr. Tea Nguyen! Dr. Tea is a physician who has made direct payment her primary model of care for over the last several years now, and she will be discussing what changes have been seen since then from both patient and provider perspectives. She’ll also provide insight into how to get started if you are considering transitioning your practice to a fully self-pay model.

Essentials of Diagnostic Ultrasound

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Show Notes

Dr. Tea Nguyen 01:27 Shares her path to direct care

Dr. Barrett 04:12 Talks about his migration to direct pay

Dr. Tea Nguyen 06:18 Some bumps in the journey

Dr. Barrett 10:44 An adjustment for the patient

Dr. Tea Nguyen 11:29 No regrets

Dr. Barrett 12:10 Biggest barriers to entry

Dr. Tea Nguyen 12:35 Her biggest barrier

Dr. Barrett 14:05 Not a problem for the dental or veterinary world

Dr. Tea Nguyen 15:06 Direct Pay for Wound Care Patients

Dr. Barrett 18:15 Every Practitioner is Direct Pay during Deductible Season

Dr. Barrett 18:56 The Burdens of EMR, Billing and Collecting

Dr. Tea Nguyen 20:54 Shares some of her greatest frustrations

Dr. Barrett 21:47 What is the real cost of goods?

Dr. Tea Nguyen 24:07 Making everything worse with insurance

Dr. Barrett 24:58 The onerous insurance model

Dr. Tea Nguyen 26:57 The complete disrespect of our education and knowledge

Dr. Barrett 27:25 The healthcare administration is not taking pay cuts

Dr. Tea Nguyen 28:26 Having a better work life balance.

Dr. Barrett 29:48 What about staffing?

Dr. Tea Nguyen 29:59 Outsourcing

Dr. Barrett 31:52 The benefit of Nerve Fellows and real patient connection

Dr. Tea Nguyen 33:55 The insidious drain on a practice from insurance regulatory non sense

Dr. Tea Nguyen 35:21 The DSC Alliance

Dr. Barrett 36:57 New dogs and old dogs

Dr. Tea Nguyen 38:13 Maxed out with loans

Dr. Barrett 40:32 What about Stress?

Dr. Barrett 42:59 How 3rd party insurance actually decreases the quality of care

Dr. Tea Nguyen 45:59 How to contact her

Dr. Tea Nguyen
Pacific Point Podiatry (831) 288-3400
9500 Soquel Dr. Ste A, Aptos CA 95003