We are excited to share our newest podcast episode featuring Dr. Emily Rowe, an internist who is also a specialist in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. In this episode, she will discuss the history of these ancient healing practices and how they can be used to treat complex chronic disease.

Essentials of Diagnostic Ultrasound

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Show Notes from this episode

Dr. Rowe goes beyond the world of conventional medicine by combining intellect with intuition, holding multiple paradigms in her mind simultaneously.  Utilizing a customized client-centered approach, she digs deeply into the root causes of diseases, using cutting-edge laboratories and awareness of how ecological toxins can affect health.  She embodies empathy for her clients, as she has personal experience with medical issues related to environmentally acquired illnesses.  Treatment plans for her clients are individually created, and often combine a variety of methods including physiological detoxification strategies, eradication of stealth infections, vibrational resonance healings, meditation, hypnotherapy, medical astrological analysis, and ancient wisdom practices, such as Shamanism, acupuncture, and herbal medicines.  As a result of her work as a healer, there is a higher level of conscious awareness of the environmental ramifications of toxins on chronic inflammatory illnesses, leading to insights about macrocosmic-microcosmic relationships and profound healing, and true etiological resolution.

Emily T. Rowe, graduated from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine in 2004.  After a brief time in the field of Internal Medicine at St Vincent’s hospital in New York City, she became frustrated with the Western approach to illness. She realized that she was being trained to treat the symptoms of disease and its end-stage complications, while failing to address its root cause.

Dr. Barrett  01:04 Introduction of Dr. Emily Rowe

Dr. Rowe 02:06 Tells us about her journey into functional medicine and TCM

Dr. Barrett  09:01 Cone beam X-rays and CAP

Dr. Rowe 10:02 Diagnosing Lyme Disease

Dr. Barrett 14:00 Is Lyme Disease Endemic?

Dr. Rowe 15:08 Her Journey with Lyme and Cancer

Stephen Barrett  18:35

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Dr. Rowe 18:50 Shifting paradigms and Richard Horowitz