This week’s episode of the Pod of Inquiry features renowned biomechanics expert and inventor, Dr. Edward S. Glaser! During this special interview, we discuss how his innovative calibrated orthotic devices and his MASS theory have changed the way we think about biomechanics. This is a great conversation that is so informative—please join us.

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Show Notes from this episode

Dr. Glaser, DPM studied mechanical engineering at SUNY Stonybrook and received his doctorate in podiatric medicine at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine. Although not a common path for a podiatrist, it turned out to be the right exposure for a future foot biomechanist. Dr. Glaser developed a thriving practice over thirteen years and then chose to walk away from that success to challenge orthopedic conventions with the development of MASS Posture Theory. Thirty years and over a million pairs of orthotics later, Dr. Glaser made his life’s mission a reality with Sole Supports, the orthotics lab he founded, which operates under the core value: ‘We make people better’.

MASS Posture Theory is a unique look at managing foot biomechanics from an engineering perspective, utilizing an all-axis model based on individual idealized gait, published in the Foot and Ankle Foundation Online Journal. Dr. Glaser has earned a celebrated national and international reputation for re-visioning and re-engineering foot orthotics and the way practitioners can significantly correct biomechanics in the foot and lower extremity – and ultimately the entire body.

For the last several years, Dr. Glaser has been lecturing for health care professionals focused on treating United States military active-duty service members. Additionally, he is researching and developing the Relax, Release, Relief technology: a series of releases designed to manually and mechanically interrupt the neurological feedback loop that causes so many instances of chronic pain. RRR is used as the preferred method of arch support break-in of Sole Supports custom orthotics.

Dr. Barrett 02:51 Introduction of Dr. Glaser

Dr. Glaser 05:00 Tells us the foundation of his theory of biomechanics

Dr. Barrett 07:25 What about reliability of casting for orthoses?

Dr. Glaser 07:51 Talks about the Craig Payne Study

Dr. Glaser 08:06 Inter rater reliability

Dr. Glaser 09:20 Getting the measurements right

Dr. Glaser 10:00 What Root said

Dr. Glaser 10:33 Posture controls function

Dr. Glaser 12:45 His history with Dr. Orien

Dr. Glaser 15:23 McMaster University Study

Dr. Glaser 16:40 Development of his orthotic design

Dr. Glaser 18:29  Body weight and flexibility

Dr. Glaser 19:29 Calibration

Dr. Glaser 22:24 The start of Sole Supports

Dr. Barrett 23:25 What about “push-back” from the profession?

Dr. Glaser 23:58 “A Fight with Everybody”

Dr. Glaser 27:36 The Development of the Root Theory

Dr. Glaser 30:24 His Introduction to Dr. Tom Sgarlato

Dr. Glaser 32:13 The locking mechanism of the midtarsal joint

Dr. Barrett 35:00 Equinus, and Ramon Villadot

Dr. Barrett 40:02 Only 5-10% of Podiatrists Accept Issac Newton’s work?

Dr. Glaser 40:18 Newtonian Physics

Dr. Glaser 43:37 His interest in research

Dr. Glaser 45:00 Can they accept that they have been wrong for the last 20-30 years?

Dr. Barrett 47:11 His story about meeting Tom Sgarlato

Dr. Glaser 50:00 How to contact him