This week’s episode is a case study dealing with revision tarsal tunnel surgery. We discuss a really interesting case that illustrates the complexity of tarsal tunnel surgery and considerations of revision tarsal tunnel surgery—maybe the most complex peripheral nerve surgery in the lower extremity. Please join me in this great discussion with Drs. Gumbiner, Dr. Reittinger, and Dr. Nagra.

Essentials of Diagnostic Ultrasound

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Show Notes from this episode

Dr. Brandon R. Gumbiner
Residency Director Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital

Dr. Beth Reittinger
3rd Year Resident Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital

Dr. Gumbiner 02:31 Explains the case history

Dr. Barrett 06:47

Dr. Gumbiner 06:52 More on the case history

Dr. Barrett 07:55 Gets more delineation of the case history

Dr. Barrett 08:50 What did the first surgery really do?

Dr. Barrett 09:05 Physical exam findings

Dr. Gumbiner 16:48 Focus on the wound and residual entrapment

Dr. Barrett 17:21 Is peripheral nerve stimulation indicated?

Dr. Gumbiner 19:16 What about the scar?

Dr. Barrett 19:29 Discusses the interesting phenomena of wound healing after nerve decompression

Dr. Barrett 23:39 Routine alligator wrestling

Dr. Barrett 25:06 Put a pain pump in