We are excited to share our latest episode of Pod of Inquiry Podcast with you featuring Dr. James Wilton, who specializes in lower extremity peripheral nerve surgery and his work in nerve decompressions for Leprosy. In this episode, we will explore the medical history and research behind leprosy as well as its vast implications on public health. We’ll also look at how nerve decompression can help those affected by leprosy and what treatments are available today. Join us as we discuss these topics with one of the leading experts in the field! This is sure to be an enlightening experience that will leave you feeling informed and educated about this seldom talked about disease.

Essentials of Diagnostic Ultrasound

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Show Notes from this episode

Board-certified foot and ankle surgeon and lower extremity peripheral nerve surgeon dedicated to excellence in the care of medical and surgical conditions of the foot, ankle, and lower extremity nerve related injuries. Humanitarian advocate developing and directing ongoing medical and surgical mission trips in South America for pediatric orthopedic reconstructive and peripheral nerve surgery. Member of the American Society for Peripheral nerve and the Association of Extremity Nerve Surgeons. Director of the AENS Peripheral Nerve Surgery Course and surgical mission’s director of the Fundación Padre Damien, Guayaquil Ecuador and Association of Extremity Nerve Surgeons.

Dr. Barrett 02:45 How did you start the mission work?

Dr. Wilton 02:55 Shares the story of his journey.

Dr. Barrett 05:30 Is anyone else implanting neurolysis in Leprosy?

Dr. Wilton 05:52 Complete decompressions

Dr. Barrett 06:31 Systemic versus edematous neuropathology

Dr. Wilton 08:23 Discusses etiology of neuropathy in Hansen’s disease

Dr. Wilton 09:13 The different forms of Leprosy

Dr. Barrett 10:31 What time course in the disease are you starting surgical decompression?

Dr. Wilton 10:44 Discusses the perioperative course

Dr. Barrett 12:53 Anti-microbial treatment

Dr. Wilton 13:38 Multi-drug treatment and Herxheimer reactions

Dr. Barrett 15:21 Staging of extremities:  upper and lower

Dr. Wilton 15:30 Discusses their surgical success and post-op complications

Dr. Barrett 16:25 How often are the missions?

Dr. Wilton 16:29 Frequency and venues

Dr. Barrett 17:09 How would you categorize their general symptoms?

Dr. Wilton 17:36 Pain is number one!

Dr. Barrett 18:25 Similarities to diabetic peripheral neuropathy

Dr. Wilton 19:05 Not as good as in diabetic peripheral neuropathy

Dr. Wilton 20:08 Eating the Armadillo?

Dr. Wilton 22:18 Epidemiology of Leprosy in the US

Dr. Barrett 22:58 New cases in Florida

Dr. Wilton 23:30 The dengue fever outbreak in Florida

Dr. Barrett 24:22 Neuropathology of the Organism and similarity to CMTD?

Dr. Wilton 28:48 Structural adaptations after neuropathy

Dr. Wilton 30:50 Correlation to pathology seen in Shingles

Dr. Barrett 32:12 Thermography and temp differences in the lower extremity

Dr. Wilton 32:41 Their new article just submitted for publication

Dr. Wilton 33:42 The Cochrane Database

Dr. Barrett 34:27 What nerves are you decompressing?

Dr. Wilton 34:47 Discusses the surgery

Dr. Barrett 35:20 What about just the CPN decompression?

Dr. Wilton 36:00 Talks about staying out of danger in areas of questionable healing

Dr. Barrett 36:05 Proximal decompressions and Dr. Peyman Elison’s work

Dr. Wilton 36:43 Venous pressure improvement post decompression?

Dr. Barrett 37:06 The Phoenix Sign

Dr. Wilton 38:01 Arterial Flow Increase

Dr. Wilton 39:06 The changes in peripheral nerve surgery over the last decade

Dr. Barrett 39:16 TMR and Soleal Sling decompressions

Dr. Wilton 39:28 Talks about approach to Soleal Sling

Dr. Barrett 40:26 Discusses his approach

Dr. Wilton 41:37 Upcoming trips and the mission stats

Dr. Barrett 44:36 Shout out for AENS