On this week’s episode of the Pod of Inquiry we continue the discussion of Precision Genomics and Tailored Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease with some actual case examples from Dr. Sandeep Kapoor, who is a gerontologist specializing in dementia care via precision medicine. We discuss his success with genomics with developed personalized treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Join us as we explore the possibilities that genomic technologies offer for improving patient outcomes with Alzheimer’s disease!

Essentials of Diagnostic Ultrasound

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Show Notes from this episode

Dr. Kapoor is a specialist in Internal and Geriatric Medicine, Dr. Kapoor is deeply committed to the conditions associated with aging and longevity. He is also keenly interested in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia and is sought after for an innovative vision to provide better treatment options for cognitive decline. Utilizing a precision medicine approach, he investigates the root cause of chronic illness enhancing the framework for treatment.  Dr. Kapoor is an expert and published author in the field of Genomics and utilizes it to deepen his understanding of what makes a patient unique leading to better outcomes.

Dr. Kapoor 02:02 Presents an interesting case study

Dr. Barrett 06:10 What was his homocysteine? Did that correlate with the MTHFR?

Dr. Kapoor 06:16 Looking at B 12 and methylmalonic acid

Dr. Barrett 07:47 Any history of coronary artery disease?

Dr. Kapoor 07:51 Co-existing medical conditions

Dr. Barrett 14:39 What about Saffron?

Dr. Kapoor 14:51 Discusses dosing of Saffron

Dr. Barrett  18:39 Where can we get nutritional sulforaphane?

Dr. Kapoor 18:50 Broccoli and its effects

Dr. Barrett 20:56 Mold Studies

Dr. Kapoor 26:09 Uric acid and metabolism

Stephen Barrett 35:08 What are your thoughts on the cholesterol

Dr. Kapoor 35:48 Breaks down LDL, HDL and oxidation and oxidative stress

Dr. Barrett 39:04 The abyss between cardiology and neurology in reference to cholesterol

Dr. Kapoor 39:16 His struggles with cardiology

Dr. Barrett 39:43 It's sometimes hard to break the old paradigms.

Dr. Kapoor 40:18 Discusses more comprehensive treatment

Dr. Barrett 42:31 Thoughts about methylene blue?

Dr. Kapoor 43:14 methylene blue is an interesting substance I've been using…

Dr. Barrett 44:05 discusses dosing of methylene blue

Dr. Kapoor’s practice is based in Los Angeles and he works in-person and remotely.

Contact information: Info@kapoormed.com