We are thrilled to announce this episode of the Pod of Inquiry Podcast featuring a conversation with esteemed guest Dr. Christopher Estes on EBOO therapy for chronic disease. In this episode, you will learn about how EBOO therapy can help those living with chronic diseases manage their symptoms and improve their quality of life. You’ll hear from Dr. Estes himself as he shares his expertise and experience in working with patients suffering from chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis. He will also discuss the benefits of using this type of treatment plan when compared to traditional medical treatments. If you don’t know about EBOO you will want to dial in!

Essentials of Diagnostic Ultrasound

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Show Notes from this episode

Dr. Estes 03:01Tells us his background and journey to functional medicine

Dr. Barrett 05:20 “You were forced into it by just survival”

Dr. Estes 05:25 Drawing from his traditional training

Dr. Barrett 08:12 How treating peripheral neuropathy forced the journey into functional medicine

Dr. Estes 09:02 Sometimes it starts with bioidentical hormone therapy

Dr. Barrett 10:01 All things begin in the gut…

Dr. Estes 10:38 EBOO and what it stands for

Dr. Barrett 12:20 Sounds like the H. Pylori guy

Dr. Estes 12:25 More of the story

Dr. Barrett 14:57 How does EBOO compare to MAH with ozone?

Dr. Estes 15:29 Training with the greats…and his personal experience with EBOO

Dr. Barrett 19:13 What lead to change from MAH to EBOO?

Dr. Estes 19:43 The physiology of EBOO

Dr. Barrett 25:33 Tell us about the “gunk”

Dr. Estes 27:07 He shares some interesting observations.

Dr. Barrett 28:19 Comparison to a 10-pass?

Dr. Estes 29:01 More observations about “gunk”

Dr. Estes 30:59 The gamma dosage in EBOO

Dr. Barrett 32:21 What about Heparinization?

Dr. Estes 32:26 Explains his dosing of Heparin

Dr. Estes 33:18 The nature of the flow

Dr. Barrett 35:16 What about the filtration in EBOO?

Dr. Estes 36:17 Talks about the coverage of the RBC

Dr. Barrett 37:32 The biochemistry of ozone therapy

Dr. Barrett 38:59 There is no disease that cannot be improved with ozone

Dr. Estes 39:17 Ozone is NOT a cure all!

Dr. Barrett 40:38 What about G6PD

Dr. Estes 40:48 Too many Fava beans

Dr. Barrett 41:47 Does cancer upregulate G6PD?

Dr. Estes 42:16 G6PD and relation to oxidative stress

Dr. Estes 44:22 EBOO supports detox

Dr. Estes 45:49 Shares his experience with EBOO and detoxing

Dr. Barrett 47:58 EBOO and MSIDs

Dr. Estes 49:14 The machine he likes

Dr. Estes 50:40 Shares some “grand slam” cases

Dr. Estes 55:23 How you can find them

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