This episode features a discussion with Dr. Jan Kersschot and James Ferrie about Glucopuncture therapy! Dr. Jan Kersschot is an expert in musculoskeletal injection therapy and James Ferrie, is a musculoskeletal podiatrist from Australia. On this episode, they will explain how glucopuncture works and discuss some of its potential applications for treating chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia or osteoarthritis. Tune-in this week to join us on the Pod of Inquiry Podcast as we explore everything you need to know about Glucopuncture Therapy and why you need to get it implemented into your practice—yesterday!!!

Essentials of Diagnostic Ultrasound

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Show Notes from this episode

Dr. Barrett 03:36 Welcome to the show

James Ferrie 04:20 Talks about how they started working together and their journey

Dr. Barrett 06:18 We are covering the entire planet tonight

Dr. Kersschot 07:16 How he started with traditional prolotherapy

Dr. Barrett 07:43 Talk about the properties of dextrose

Dr. Kersschot 08:18 Discusses his experience with dextrose and glucose

Dr. Barrett 11:05 The distinction between prolotherapy and neurotherapy

Dr. Kersschot 11:39 Talks about dextrose or glucose concentration and hypertonicity

Dr. Barrett 13:44 The effect on the TRPV1 receptor

Dr. Kersschot 14:53 Upregulation of ATP?

Dr. Kersschot 18:20 Dextrose effect on Pain

Dr. Barrett 22:32 Glucopuncture as an adjunct to hydrodissection

James Ferrie 24:00 Talks about the Phoenix Sign

Dr. Barrett 25:22 Addressing the small nerve branches

Dr. Kersschot 26:30 Illustrates the technique of Glucopuncture

Dr. Barrett 30:09 How much volume of infiltrate?

Dr. Kersschot 30:42 His technique for volume and infiltration

James Ferrie 33:42 His experience with a CRPS patient

Dr. Barrett 36:30 CRPS I and CRPS II

Dr. Kersschot 39:20 Talks about his guidelines

Dr. Barrett 41:28 What about serial therapy?

Dr. Kersschot 41:54 Tells us his regimen

Dr. Barrett 45:45 1st uses of PRP for Plantar Fasciopathy

Dr. Kersschot 46:59 Talks about trigger points and not having to use ultrasound guidance

James Ferrie 48:46 Discusses his technique

Dr. Barrett 52:23 What are we going hunting for?

James Ferrie 53:37 His approach to plantar fascia

Dr. Barrett 57:39 It’s hard to stick a patient into an algorithm

Dr. Kersschot 58:29 Why there are no RCT’s with Glucopuncture