Before getting ready to ride off into the sunset, check out this week’s episode of the Pod of Inquiry where I have the icon—Dr. Forest Tennent back on the show to discuss his new book on Doc Holliday. In this episode you will learn how the forgotten disease of Tuberculosis ravaged the world before the development of streptomycin. This one is really fun and informative.

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Forest Tennant, M.D. Books: S1 Ep 1 and Ep 2

Show Notes from this episode

Dr. Barrett 01:04 Introduction of Dr. Tennant

Dr. Tennant 03:25 Explains Why he had to Write this Latest Book

Dr. Barrett 06:48 A great medical saga—Doc Holliday

Dr. Tennant 07:34 Tuberculosis is the Forgotten Disease

Dr. Barrett 10:18 The Family Medical History of Doc Holliday

Dr. Barrett 10:39 Asks about the different stages of Tuberculosis

Dr. Tennant 11:41 Tuberculosis was the number one cause of Addison’s disease

Dr. Barrett 13:49 What was the cause of Kennedy's Addison's?

Dr. Tennant 14:02 Discusses JFK’s Medical History

Dr. Barrett 16:17 The Push Back on Opioids

Dr. Tennant 16:43 His motivations for writing the book

Dr. Barrett 18:33 What about Laudanum?

Dr. Tennant 19:09 Discusses the different treatments for Tuberculosis beginning in the 1700’s

Dr. Barrett 22:30 The Sulphur Springs

Dr. Tennant 22:49 Talks about why everyone was running to New Mexico

Dr. Barrett 28:05 What about Doc Holliday’s remissions?

Dr. Tennant 28:31 Gives us Doc’s clinical history

Dr. Barrett 35:28 How did his illness affect his gun fighting?

Dr. Tennant 35:41 Tells us his take on the OK Corral gun fight

Dr. Barrett 36:59 Doc Holliday and Bat Masterson

Dr. Tennant 37:22 Explains how the western US was changed after the Homestead Act

Dr. Barrett 43:55 A professional gambler probably had to be a great gunfighter

Dr. Barrett 44:15 What's the next book? What's the next medical saga that you're going to look at?

Dr. Barrett  47:53 How do folks find you?

Dr. Tennant 48:01 Here’s how: