This week I host Dr. Bill Lear on the Pod of Inquiry. A dermatologist and mohs surgeon, Dr. Lear has developed some very innovative wound closure devices that will make your life easier in the OR, and optimize the patient’s ultimate outcome. In addition to discussing these really cool adjuvants to wound closure, we discuss a lot of physiology underlying skin closures and healing. Please join us for this week’s episode.

Essentials of Diagnostic Ultrasound

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Show Notes from this episode

Bill Lear, M.D. is a Mohs surgeon and dermatologist with over 50 peer-reviewed publications on skin surgery and reconstruction. In 2015, after recognizing the lack of effective tools to manage and prevent adverse surgical outcomes, he co-founded SUTUREGARD Medical to create solutions. He founded and is the program director of an ACGME-accredited Mohs surgery fellowship program and has performed over 30,000 Mohs surgeries in his career.

Dr. Barrett 00:03 Introduction of Dr. Bill Lear

Dr. Lear 02:43 Discusses the concept of Creep and Scalp Wounds

Dr. Lear 04:49 Talks about how the products were developed

Dr. Lear 07:41 Iterations of the devices

Dr. Barrett 11:45 What about perfusion?

Dr. Lear 13:21 Talks about collagen fiber matrix organization and relaxation phenomena

Dr. Barrett 17:31 What about undermining?

Dr. Lear 17:50 Tells us why he is NOT a big fan of undermining tissue

Dr. Lear 22:05 Use less Deep Sutures!!!

Dr. Lear 24:46 Veterinary findings in skin closure studies

Dr. Barrett 27:08 Not a big fan of Vicryl

Dr. Barrett 30:59 Discusses nuances in wound closure

Dr. Barrett 32:43 Where to find the surgical videos

Dr. Lear 36:19 Discusses granuloma formation in wound closure

Dr. Lear 36:27 Talks about contact dermatitis

Dr. Barrett 40:59 Gives his insight into ultimate wound closure

Dr. Lear 44:26 Discusses his post-operative dressing protocol

Dr. Lear 46:19 The best thing for wounds post-op:  Water

Dr. Lear 47:43 Discusses biologics and growth factors

Dr. Lear 53:21 Low density suturing