This week’s episode is a continuation of my conversation with Dr. Matthew Wall discussing all things psychedelic. If you didn’t catch last week’s episode with Dr. Matthew Wall—please check it out.

Matthew Wall, PhD is a Senior lecturer of Neuroscience at Imperial College London. He specializes in understanding how psychedelics affect brain function. He has been involved in pioneering research into both functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy for treating depression, anxiety, addiction, PTSD, etc. His work has been featured by The Guardian, BBC Newsnight & Horizon documentaries as well as numerous academic journals such as Nature Neuroscience & Frontiers in Psychiatry among many others. This latest episode of Pod of Inquiry promises an insightful conversation with Dr. Matthew Wall about his fascinating work on this cutting-edge field so don’t miss out! It’s available now from all major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts & Spotify or you can listen directly from our website Thank you for your continued support!

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Show Notes from this episode

Matt Wall is a psychologist, neuroscientist and specialist in neuroimaging, particularly functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the human brain. He completed his PhD at Cambridge, and post-doctoral positions at Royal Holloway and UCL, and is currently head of MRI applications at Invicro London, plus an honorary Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London. He has authored over 70 scientific publications, is an editor at Scientific Reports, and his research currently focuses on psychedelics, cannabis, sex hormones, and methods-development for fMRI.

Dr. Barrett 03:11 What about the good trip versus bad trip?

Dr. Wall 03:26 The challenging experience

Dr. Barrett 04:59 Opening the can of worms

Dr. Wall 05:53 Getting to the root of the problem

Dr. Barrett 07:19 Governmental history of psychedelics

Dr. Wall 07:59 The classic psychedelics are incredibly safe, pharmacologically speaking.

Dr. Barrett 09:09 And the fMRI’s would support that safety

Dr. Wall 09:27 The false scare stories of MDMA

Dr. Barrett 10:24 Demonization and adulteration

Dr. Wall 11:44 Single digit deaths

Dr. Barrett 12:27 What about addiction potential?

Dr. Barrett 13:12 Why psilocybin?

Dr. Wall 13:59 History of the Propaganda

Dr. Barrett 16:33 What about licking the toad?

Dr. Wall 16:38 Discusses DMT

Dr. Wall 17:40 Big Pharma and Psychedelics

Dr. Wall 20:04 How close are we to FDA approval?

Dr. Barrett 22:23 Where can people go now for treatment?

Dr. Wall 23:27 The Netherlands

Dr. Wall 28:16 The War on Drugs

Dr. Barrett 30:09 What about Cannabis?

Dr. Barrett 32:02 Discusses his clinical experience with medical cannabis

Dr. Wall 33:46 Discusses Microdosing

Dr. Barrett 36:19 Is there any functional MRI studies on micro dosing? I

Dr. Wall 39:04 The Placebo Effect

Dr. Wall 40:57 Where is the next frontier?

Dr. Barrett 44:11 What is your favorite agent?

Dr. Wall 44:37 MDMA

Dr. Wall 49:07 Talks about his clinical trials