The Pod of Inquiry is excited to host a discussion with Dr. Andy Rader on surgical correction Charcot Neuroarthropathy with his new total midfoot implant.

What We Discuss:

  • The pathophysiology of Charcot Neuroarthropathy
  • How the condition is currently treated
  • How Dr. Rader implements his new total mid foot implant
Essentials of Diagnostic Ultrasound

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Show Notes from this episode

Dr. Barrett 01:45 Introduction of Dr. Rader

Dr. Rader 04:09 Discusses the Incidence of Charcot Neuroarthropathy

Dr. Rader 11:04 The Understood Physiology of Charcot

Dr. Rader 17:43 The bus of information

Dr. Rader 19:03 The Gold Standard of Treatment

Dr. Rader 23:43 Recurrent Ulcerations

Dr. Rader 25:13 What is the Associated Mortality?

Dr. Barrett 25:53 What about Bisphosphonates?

Dr. Rader 26:31 They are not panning out

Dr. Rader 27:17 So what do we do?

Dr. Rader 30:05 It is like Marshmallow

Dr. Rader 37:50 Shortening of the Lever Arm of the Foot

Dr. Rader 40:00 Taking out the Bad Bone

Dr. Rader 46:05 The Fixation

Dr. Rader 52:34 Getting the FDA Approval

Dr. Rader 53:52 The Technique

Dr. Barrett 1:00:47 One of the Most Skilled Surgeons

Dr. Rader 1:04:06 More Intricacies of the Technique